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Where do busy people go to eat when they have no time to cook and even buy the raw instant foods? Yes, of course, the fast food restaurants become the best choice. It is because we can save our limited energy, precious money and time. If we used to go to popular fast foods, do we love to visit Popeye Louisiana Kitchen? If it is so, then this article will be the best news for us. This restaurant offers us TellPopeyes, a Popeyes Guest Satisfaction Survey. We can access the survey via online at The special offers, in this case, are the chance that we can speak our mind related to the restaurant. And the second is we will get rewards from the survey. Aww, that is so nice, isn’t it?

About Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

Well, if we are not familiar with this restaurant, it will be much better if we try to encourage our curiosity. For our information, Popeyes opened for the first time in New Orleans, where it was in 1972. The restaurant now is 45 years old. As the system keeps running, this restaurant now has rich tastes of some culinary traditions. Not to mention, one of the best Popeyes style menus is New Orleans. The spicy characteristic makes the menu loved by the customers. They range starting from spicy chicken, hot chicken tenders, complete with fried shrimp. Of course, we will find other delicious regional items.


If we want to know why this restaurant becomes famous, it is because Popeye has a great concept. The atmosphere offered by this restaurant is pretty awesome. It is like we are at home and that is why the restaurant has the name Popeye Louisiana Kitchen. Without a doubt, we can come and enjoy our lunch or dinner; it will always be fun. Moreover, when we come with our family or friends, the atmosphere is getting delighting with laughter. Popeyes belongs to restaurants that have chicken concepts. And believe it or not, this restaurant is in the same line with Burger King, McDonald’s, and KFC as the world’s largest quick service restaurant. We can find the branches of the restaurant in 2,6K different places, around the world.

About TellPopeyes, a Popeyes Guest Satisfaction Survey

TellPopeyes is such an online survey held by Popeye restaurants for the sake of evaluating the system run in the restaurant. The aspects that Popeyes want to evaluate can be the foods products, the service, and satisfaction of the customers. In this case, the Popeye team will ask the customers to fill out the Tell Popeyes Survey. If we think the survey is not interesting, then we are incorrect. It is so as Popeyes prepare some rewards for customers who take part in the survey.  They can be the discount off for some items, free meal, or maybe fresh money.

If we have decided that we want to take the TellPopeyes Survey, then we need to prepare some stuff. They are Popeyes receipt that contains Popeyes Survey Code, as well as access to be online. Yes, they are the laptop or smartphone, as well as internet data or free Wi-Fi. After we have everything with us, we can go to For our information, through TellPopeyes  survey, we can send our Popeyes feedback, Popeyes complaints, and other Popeyes comments. And, as the reward, we will get the free Popeyes  Coupons that will give us Popeyes discount off. So, enjoy taking Popeyes survey!

What to Prepare for Online TellPopeyes Survey?

Anyway, when we are about to take the survey, it is best for us to prepare some important things. First of all, we should keep in our mind that we should take the TellPopeyes survey within two days after visiting the Popeyes. For the requirement, we need to buy an item or more so that we get the receipt. For the rewards, we can get some delicious items such as biscuit, large drink, and so on. Alright, here are the crucial things to prepare, such as:

  • A set of computer or smart phone, or maybe laptop
  • Stable internet connection as we will take TellPopeyes via online at
  • Fast internet browser to ease the process, they can be Mozilla, Chrome, or Safari
  • The next is a valid receipt that we get from Popeyes that we call as Popeyes survey invitation code
  • Capability of understanding English or Spanish as both languages set for the survey and we cannot choose other languages
  • we should be a legal resident of the United States
  • the last, we need to make sure that we are 18 years old or older so that we can redeem the rewards without a problem

How to Take the TellPopeyes Survey?

Alright, after understanding the important things we need for the survey, now it is the time for us to take TellPopeyes survey. Here are some procedures that we need to follow, such as:

  • Step #1: Access Survey Website

We need to take the Popeyes receipt that we have and put it with us. It is because we need to input the TellPopeyes survey code after we logged in to the official website of the survey. For the next, we should input the time and date when we visited the Popeyes restaurant. It is best if we mention the menu we ordered, complete with other details needed by the online TellPopeyes.

  • Step #2: Answer All TellPopeyes Survey Questions

After we input all details, now it is the time for us to answer all questions in the survey. In this case, we should be honest and make it brief so that it is easy to understand. In some cases, we may face some questions are multiple choice. The way to answer these questions is by choosing the best choice that ranges from the highest level to the lowest. The level will show how satisfied we are with the food products and the services.

  • Step 3: Get TellPopeyes Validation Code

After answering every single question, we can claim our rewards. Of course, we should write down the Popeyes Validation Code first on our receipt. We need to redeem the coupon with the validation on it within three days. If we do not want to miss and lose the rewards, it is much better if we mark the date. The rewards will not be able to get redeemed once the code is out of date. The redeem process is easy as all we should do is to visit Popeyes restaurants and exchange the coupon with discount off or free items.

How to contact Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Customer Care Service?

Like it or not, we may find some problems when we take the TellPopeyes survey. In this case, we do not need to be sad and find a way out to solve it. In case we need to write the restaurant a letter, we can send it through postal mailing. The address is Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc., 400 Perimeter Center Terrace NE Suite 1000, Atlanta, Georgia, United States – 30346. In writing the letter, we should be polite as we are writing the human being. Even if we think they create mistakes, we should complain properly. Another way to contact Popeyes Customer Care is by contacting through Customer Support Phone Numbers.

We can reach the representatives of the restaurant at 1 800 767 3937. It is a toll-free number so that we do not need to worry if we have no balance. But of course, we should talk to the robot first before getting directed to the Popeyes team. If we need to talk in a direct way to the team, it will be best if we dial +1 731 427 6970 or maybe dial +1 404 459 4450. We can ask to talk to the managers or person in charge related to the TellPopeyes survey or another topic. For the fax, we can send it to +1 404 459 4450.

Well, those are the contact numbers that we can try when we are in problems. If we want to know more details about the restaurant, we can visit the Popeyes official website at In this case, we can go to the discussion page and visit the most asked questions. We will find that our problem has the answers and we do not need to contact the customer care.

What Are the Instructions We Need To Follow for TellPopeyes?

If we want to avoid some problems, it is important for us to pay attention that we have done all the steps. Here are the points of the steps that are easy to understand. They are:

  • First, we should go to
  • Second, we have to choose the language whether it is English or Spanish
  • Input all details on the receipt such as the restaurant number, date and time of our visit, complete with the total amount we spent at the visit
  • Click start if we are ready to answer the questions
  • Elaborate the experience we got when we visited the restaurant
  • Be honest and thorough in answering the questions
  • We can enter the sweepstakes if we want cash rewards
  • Once we choose to enter the sweepstakes, we should fill out our contact information
  • Click the button entitled next to continue

How to Redeem the TellPopeyes Rewards?

As the appreciation for all customers who take the TellPopeyes survey, Popeyes team will give us free a couple of chicken menu. Besides, we will get free biscuit along the chicken. But still, we need to order a large drink and show the validation code coupon to get the free foods. The way to redeem is easy as we need to dress well, go outside and face the world. We should visit the Popeyes restaurants and show the coupon to the staffs. In case we get problems, we can contact the customer care at 1-800-682-0219. Without a doubt, the team will guide us to solve the problems. Indeed, the official website of the online TellPopeyes survey at has explained everything we need. So, it is important for us to read the term and policy.

How if We Lost Our TellPopeyes Validation Code?

As the validation code becomes the key for us to redeem the rewards, it is like impossible if we can do something for it. Well, all we should do is to retake the survey with different receipt. In other words, we should repeat the process from the beginning. After getting the receipt, we should remember that we need to take the survey within two days. Otherwise, the receipt will not work for the survey and we will repeat the process again. It is important to take care of the receipt because, without it, we cannot do anything about the survey.

We will receive a validation code when we complete the survey, which we must enter on our receipt. Again, after we get the receipt, we can start to take the survey and redeem the rewards. If we take the sweepstakes, we do not need to come to Popeyes because once we win the cash, the team will contact us. In other words, it will be useless if we keep asking some questions about the cash rewards. There are some important things we need to keep in mind that each customer has the limit. Our chance in taking the survey is once per month. So, if the promotion of TellPopeyes runs for some months, we must be lucky as we can take it every month.

How to Build Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Franchise?

We know that Popeyes is such a famous brand or restaurant that serve all customers with full of love. In this case, the best menus provided by this restaurant can make some people fall in love. If we are one of these people, we may start to think about owning a franchise of this brand. Indeed, the restaurant has the best system as we will learn how leadership runs, how management should be, and how to make customers happy. If we are now ready to start our business, first of all, we need to check the criteria. If we think we are eligible, then we can contact the restaurant and build the franchise. Here are the criteria:

  • First, we need to have experiences in business for some years
  • Second, we need to convince that we are expert or expertise in managing a business
  • Third, it is such a must to own at least $1,000K and $500K to build one restaurant franchise
  • When we are eligible, we can create an agreement with Popeyes team
  • If it is our second time to build the franchise, we need to show that the first one is successful and advantageous

We do not need to think twice about starting a business with Popeyes brand. It is because the restaurant offers opportunities expenses real estate development. If we talk about the money, here are some details of the amount that we are going to spend for each franchise. They are:

  • For the total startup costs, it will range from $235,300 to $454,100. This total amount is including the real estate complete with the costs of construction
  • For the development fee, it will be about $12,500 that we have to spend for each restaurant
  • The franchise fee is starting from $35,000
  • The royalty fee is 5% of the gross sales
  • And the last, the marketing fee is 4% of the gross sales

Final Words of TellPopeyes Survey

Overall, we can say that Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is an awesome brand of restaurants. We can open a business, but still, we need to think about the customer. One of the best things we can do for the customers is by creating online TellPopeyes surveys. The survey has aims to improve the quality of the foods products and the services. It is easy to say that our service is the best while we are the owner of the restaurant franchise. But, we will see some lacks of our restaurant if we take the perspective of the customers. In another case, if we are the customers, we should not miss participating in joining the survey.

TellPopeyes will give us some advantages. Not to mention, we will learn how to make a survey and how to treat customers. Of course, we will get free foods at Popeyes restaurants that can make our day. So, enjoy the survey, enjoy the free items!

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