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How many times do we visit Subway restaurant for its best burger and sandwiches? Yes, many times. We must agree that Subway is a place that can fulfill our hunger. We can enjoy the best menus in a comfortable room. The friendly services given by the staffs make the restaurant looks so exciting. As customers, we may take TellSubway that offers some advantages for us. This Subway Survey has some goals, for example, is to increase the quality of Subway fast food products as well as the service. In another side, we can register to use Subway Card as it offers some rewards that we can redeem. So interesting, isn’t it?

About TellSubway Subway Customer Satisfaction Survey

The good news comes for us who love to eat at Subway restaurants with family or friends. Today, the restaurant offers us to fill an online questionnaire related to Subway. The questions will be about the Subway products as well as the services. From, we can access Subway customer satisfaction survey. TellSubway will evaluate whether the customers are satisfied with the restaurant or not. In this case, the survey will show the results of the satisfaction level gained from the customers. If we are one of the customers, it is best to take TellSubway feedback survey to share our experiences when we visited the restaurant.

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The survey, in this case, contains some question that we need to answer using the ratings. Here, we can give the lowest rating when we find the service or food product is not satisfying. The readings are important for the Subway team as it can be a foundation for them to create a new menu or better services. Not to mention, we can judge the quality of the foods we ordered. Or maybe, we can share our experience on how the employees greeted us once we came or ordered some items.  We can TellSubway about our suggestions for the restaurant, complaints we may have, and the problems we have.

If we want to know why Subway offers us Survey, it is because the restaurant wants to make all customers happy. The unhappy customers are identical with bad brand reputation. It will reflect the restaurant that it has a smaller market share and of course low revenue. That is why Subway wants to make sure that all customers are happy. And the only way to find out is by holding a Survey. This is why the survey is necessary to measure customer satisfaction, attitudes, and happiness with the company. As a reward for completing this simple survey, we will get a unique code, which we can use to redeem a free cookie when we visit a Subway restaurant.

How to Take TellSubway Guest Satisfaction Survey?

Alright, we now have understood the important role of TellSubway. In this case, there are some things that we should do. Starting from preparing the things that we need for the survey, we will have to follow every single step. The process here will take about ten minutes.

What to Prepare for TellSubway Survey?

We know that everything needs preparation for the sake of excellent result. And it is so with TellSubway that we need to prepare some important things before we start accessing They are:

  • The first thing we have to prepare is a set of PC or laptop, or maybe a smartphone
  • Second, we need free WI-FI or mobile data as we must go online and visit
  • Third, we need a Subway receipt or Subway survey invitation code
  • Fourth, the capability of understanding English

What are the Steps to Take TellSubway?

Now, we have all requirements for the Subway survey. Here, we can start the process of taking online TellSubway Survey. There are some steps that we need to follow, such as:

  • Step #1:

In the beginning, we need to have the receipt in our hand. In this case, we should check whether it is still in the period or valid. The way to find out is by looking at the date of our visit. If today it is not older than 30 days, we can use that receipt. When it is no longer valid for the survey, we need to get the most recent receipt that is less than 30 days after we get the Subway receipt. If we are ready for the receipt, we can go to This link address will direct us to the TellSubway login portal.

  • Step #2:

The second step, we must input the Subway store ID number. Yes, we can find that code printed on our receipt. After that, we have to click the button entitled submit. This process then will direct us to the TellSubway form.

  • Step #3:

Third, it is the time for us to input some details printed on the receipt we have. They are such as the date as well as the time of our visit at Subway Restaurant.

  • Step #4:

Then, we have to input the TellSubway Invitation Survey Code. Again, it is available on the receipt. This Subway Survey code is for once use. In other words, we cannot use the same receipt for another survey. One survey needs one receipt.

  • Step #5:

Now it is the time for us to start the survey by answering all questions. The answer should be honest and have relation to our experience when we visited the Subway restaurant.

  • Step #6:

We can get the TellSubway Free Cookie Code Pattern by inputting our email address. When the code appears, we need to take a note on the receipt. The TellSubway Validation code that we write on the receipt that needs to bring when we visit Subway restaurant.

  • Step #7:

If we are ready, we can go to the restaurant and redeem the TellSubway coupon code. We need to show the receipt complete with the survey code that we write on the receipt. Then, the Subway team will know that we deserve the cookies. They will give us free cookies and we can enjoy our snacks with friends.

About TellSubway Sweepstakes

Unlike other fast food restaurants, Subway does not provide TellSubway Sweepstakes. The restaurant wants to give their best menu as the gift. It is because money cannot always bring joy, but cookies can always. We know that Subway belongs to the fastest growing fast-food chain on this planet. It has more than 44,000 franchise restaurants that we can find in different countries. The more we visit Subway, the more we will get free cookies, like every day.

The Subway sweepstakes are the same as TellSubway. The goal is to evaluate the restaurant based on the perspective of the customers. The customers then will share their opinions about the foods products as well as the service. Before we take the TellSubway Customer Satisfaction Survey, we need to make sure that we are eligible to take the survey.

What are the TellSubway Survey Sweepstakes Rules?

  • First, we need to be 18 years old or older to take the survey
  • The TellSubway Receipt’s validation period is 30 days and we cannot use it once it is older than 30 days
  • Visit the TellSubway Guest Satisfaction Survey at com

For further information about the TellSubway Terms and Condition, we can visit Without a doubt, it will answer our questions related to the Subway survey.

About Subway Fast Food Restaurant

For our information, Subway is such a restaurant that serves super delicious fast foods. At this restaurant, we can find some exciting menus such as sandwiches and salads. Believe it or not, the restaurant brand becomes the fastest chains of growing restaurant on this planet. Subway has over than 44,000 outlets. Yes, we can find them in 110 countries. In case we want to visit the Subway headquarter, we can go to Milford, Connecticut. Again, we need to know this single brand belongs to the biggest restaurant operator in the world. Wow!

Besides sandwiches and salad, Subway 24 hours also serve wraps and baked foods. They are like yummy donuts, sweet cookies, complete with the muffins. For the Subway’s global signature of the sandwiches, we can try chicken teriyaki, as well as roasted chicken and the steak and cheese. Besides, we can enjoy the ones with tuna, veggie and of course meatball. It all depends on our taste whether we want the sweet foods or salty one. The good news is Subway now offers us free cookies through TellSubway Survey at

How to Contact Subway Customer Care Service?

Do you want to get in touch with Subway customer service? Here, you can contact Subway customer service in some ways. Yes, you may feel free to contact those Subway customer service contacts. They are:

  • Subway Phone Number

We can try to talk to Subway customer service team through the phone. We can call the Subway support phone numbers at 203.877.4281. For the alternative phone number, we can call 800.888.4848. The first minutes, we may listen to a robot that guides us on how to get directed to the subway representatives. When we dial Subway phone number, we must do it within Subway office hours. Otherwise, Subway employees will be unable to help us.

  • Subway Postal Mailing Address

Somehow, we can write a letter to the restaurant. We can send it to Subway Headquarter at Franchise World Headquarters 325 Subway. We have to add Milford, CT 06461-3059 USA to the address and we can send it through mailing post.

  • Subway Website

If we want to get the Subway email address, then we have to go to and click the menu tab entitled contact us. We can give some feedback on that Subway Complaints number. The Subway team will appreciate it if we are willing to give suggestions and critics related to the restaurants or the Subway survey. Of course, we need to make the topic-specific so that the team will know what to do to solve our problems. We can take TellSubway Feedback Survey as the place to write our comments, complaints, and feedback.

How to Get My Subway Card Rewards?

Another best thing we can try is having My Subway Card. In this case, the card will be a tool for us to do the transaction. In other words, we can enjoy the lunch even if we do not bring cash. Here are the steps we need to follow, such as:

  • The very first thing we must do is to register to own MySubwayCard. In this case, we can contact the restaurant and ask the staff to register our self
  • Since the first day of the registration, we will get rewards balance that we can redeem sometimes
  • Every time we do the transaction, by swiping up the Subway Card, we will get points added to our MySubwayCard balance
  • We can redeem the Subway Rewards Points to sandwiches, beverage, or maybe the salad

About Table of the My Subway Card Points Redemption

If we have collected the points on our Subway Card, here we can check we can get from the balance we have. Of course, you can redeem those Subway points for some Subway rewards. Here are the details, such as:

  • If we have 15 points, we can get 1 bag of yummy chips
  • In case we have 20 points, we can redeem it to fountain drink (21 oz.)
  • We have to add 5 more point that is 25 points to get fountain drink (30 oz.)
  • When our balance is 35 points, the staff will offer us a free sandwich
  • We can get any sandwiches for 50 points we have

What Will We Get for 65 points at MySubwayCard?

Do we get 65 Subway points in My Subway Card? Well, we must be lucky as we can redeem those Subway points for some Subway menu. And, here are some of the offers that we can take. They are:

  • Rotisserie Style Chicken
  • Onion Chicken Teriyaki
  • Carved Turkey
  • Steak and Cheese
  • Chick and Bacon Ranch Melt
  • Roast Beef

What can We Get from 75 points at MySubwayCard?

In case we have 75 Subway points, we will also get some Subway rewards. No doubt, we can choose the ones that we like. And, here they are:

  • Chopped Salad
  • Foot long Breakfast Sandwiches

What will we earn for 100 points at MySubwayCard?

Anyway, we must be glad if you get 100 Subway points in our Subway Card. In this case, there are some inviting Subway rewards that we can claim. They are such as:

  • Roast Beef
  • SUBWAY Club
  • Chicken and Bacon Ranch Melt
  • Carved Turkey
  • Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki
  • Steak and Cheese
  • Rotisserie-Style Chicken

If we want Deluxe Sandwiches, we have to add 15 points to our MySubwayCard. Those are the items that we will get based on the Subway Card points’ redemption rule.

What are the advantages of having MySubwayCard?

Yes, we can see that My Subway Card provides some benefits for us. Now, we can start to access it online and find out what benefits that we can claim. They are:

  • At the first time we register for MySubwayCard, we will get 50 free points and of course, we can redeem it for some items we love
  • For each dollar we spend at Subway restaurant, by using the Subway Card, we will get 1 point added to our Subway Card balance
  • One of the pleasing promos is when we have a birthday, we will get Subs discount off
  • We can use Subway application to access our MySubwayCard online

Overall, those are all information about Subway Free Cookie Day. If we want to enjoy the free cookies, we must take TellSubway Survey. It can be such the best day for us who love to eat cookies while enjoying how the life goes on. We have understood all important information provided by this TellSubway Customer Survey Guide. Hope this article can help us and get ready for our free Subway cookies and free Subway Sandwich!

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