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TelltheBell is the official Taco Beell Survey that will reward us $500 cash or a free iPad. So that we know, we just have to take TelltheBell survey sweepstakes that are available at Here, we just have to prepare a recent Taco Bell receipt with TelltheBell survey code. And, we can complete all TelltheBell survey process by sending Taco Bell cmplaints, or Taco Bell suggestions, or Taco Bell comments. As the reward, you can enter TelltheBell sweepstake page to win $500 cash or an iPad. Wow! Isn’t it cool to be the lucky TelltheBell sweepstakes winners?

Does anybody here love Mexican style restaurant? Well, we must know Taco Bell. Yes, this nice restaurant serves the best menus with Mexican tastes that everybody is going to love it. Now, this awesome restaurant offers us to win $500 cash from TelltheBell survey. We can be a part of this survey and we will get a chance to enter the TelltheBell sweepstakes to win this cash. The process will take less than ten minutes. Isn’t it worthy to spend our ten minutes for $500 cash or iPad?

About Taco Bell Corporation Profile

First this first, we need to know more about the restaurant. Taco Bell is such a private company that serves best foods. Yes, we can say that Taco Bell is such a restaurant chain that serves Mexican foods styles. There are some best items that the staffs will recommend to us such as tacos, burritos, complete with the quesadillas. If we want some more, we can order fresh salads, or maybe nachos. Of course, Taco Bell desserts and the beverages are such must try ones too.


For our information, Taco Bell headquarters is in California. This Taco Bell fast food restaurant has been running since 2004. Believe it or not, by 2017, this Mexican restaurant has earned more than $5.7 billion. Yes, those 35 million customers make this restaurant successful. We can find the Taco Bell stores easily as the 6,500 Taco Bell franchise restaurants spread all over the world. The countries with this restaurant are such as Canada, Asia, Europe, and much more. We can say that Taco Bell is such one of the largest fast food restaurant in the world.

About TelltheBell, Taco Bell Survey

The Taco Bell restaurant chain has been gaining success for years. Today, we can win $500 cash if we take part in taking the customer satisfaction survey. For our information, TelltheBell is such an online survey held by Taco Bell restaurant that has a goal to improve the services as well as the foods products. Of course, the goals are for the sake of customer’s happiness that the team wants to increase. In case we find this survey or the rewards are awesome, we can go to

Believe it or not, taking part of TelltheBell survey is good for the customers. It is because we can speak our mind about the complaints that we cannot talk to the staffs. For instance, we may sometimes find that only one staff who is working. And as the result, we get the super slow service. We can write our Taco Bell feedback at this TelltheBell survey. The survey team then will know what they should do to that staffs and other lack services. At the end, we, the customers will get better service and products.

What are the TelltheBell Survey Rewards?

We must know that this TelltheBell survey sweepstake will reward us $500 cash. In this case, we can go to to enter the survey and take the sweepstakes. If we want to be the TelltheBell winners, it is a must to make sure that we are eligible. It is not all people can be the TelltheBell sweepstakes winners. For instance, we must be 18 years old or we can be older than it. Then, we need to check our ID card whether we are a legal resident of US or not.

For the TelltheBell grand prizes, we will get a chance to win a new iPad. Yes, the prize of the iPad is $500 US. There will be TelltheBell weekly prizes that we can get. For the best tips, it will be great if we take the survey sweepstakes every week. It is because the more we take the Tell the Bell survey sweepstakes, the more chances we can win the grand prizes.

How to take TelltheBell Guest Satisfaction Survey?

Now, after knowing the worthy prizes, we get interested and worry about missing this precious chance. Well, we can start to visit now and pass the login portal. Here are some TelltheBell guides that we can follow for the sake of survey and the sweepstakes. Here we go!

What are the TelltheBell Customer Satisfaction Survey Rules?

First thing first, we should know the basic rules for TelltheBell experience survey. For our information, even if we are eligible for the survey, but it does not mean that we are eligible for the sweepstakes. It is because the sweepstakes will reward us some prizes. Besides, we will have to input our personal information. So, here are the rules we should follow, such as:

  • The first rule, each survey requires a recent Taco Bell receipt. In this case, the receipt will have Taco Bell 16-digits survey code. If we see our receipt does not have the TelltheBell survey code, it is okay. Both Taco Bell receipts will lead us to the same survey but in different ways.
  • The next rule, we have to be 18 years or we can be older
  • And the last, it is a must to be a legal United States resident

Indeed, the rules are the same with the Taco Bell Sweepstakes rules in general. But if we want to know more, we can visit for more information.

Step by Step to Take Taco Bell’s Tellthebell Customer Survey

Once we are ready, we can start to take the TelltheBell survey. Of course, we should not miss entering the Taco Bell sweepstakes once we have finished the survey. Here are the steps that we can try to follow, such as:

  • Step #1:

At the first step, we can connect our device to the stable internet as we will need to visit We can only take the survey using the internet as Taco Bell does not provide the offline survey.

  • Step #2:

Now, we can open an internet browser and click the address bar and type This is the TelltheBell official website that will direct us to the survey form as well as the sweepstakes.

  • Step #3:

If we have seen the homepage, we can start to set the language of the survey. There will be only two languages that are available. Whether we can speak English, we can choose that one. Whether we can understand Spanish, we can choose this one. The most important part is that we understand the survey and we can finish it well.

  • Step #4:

Now, we can start to input the TelltheBell entry code that we can find on our Taco Bell receipt. It has 16 digits and we need to recheck whether we input it correctly. If the receipt we have does not have that TelltheBell invitation survey code, we can choose another way that is using the Taco Bell store number. We can find that number on our receipt. For the next, we can fill the date as well as the time about our last visit at Taco Bell restaurant. After that, we can click start to begin the TelltheBell survey.

  • Step #5:

At this section, we can give rates to some statements that we can find at the survey page. From the TelltheBell questions, we will have to choose one of the multiple answers. They are all about our overall satisfaction when we visited the restaurant. We can give high or low ratings about the cleanliness of the Taco Bell area. Or we can also give ratings towards the friendliness of the Taco Bell staffs. But, we have to be honest in giving our opinion as it means a lot to the Taco Bell team. Our opinions or feedback will be a foundation for them to create better service or foods products.

  • Step #7:

And the last, we will see a TelltheBell validation code. We have to write down that TelltheBell sweepstakes code on our Taco Bell receipt. Then, we need to input our personal information. Once we finish the entire process, we need to wait for the TelltheBell winners’ announcement.

How to Fix Troubles at Taco Bell Survey?

In the process of taking the TelltheBell Feedback survey or maybe entering the Taco Bell sweepstakes, we may get troubles. Here are some solutions that we can try before we contact the Taco Bell customer service team. They are:

  • Troubleshooting #1: Check the Device and the Internet Connection

The first thing we can do is to check the internet connection of our device. Then, we can check the browser we use and go to the settings. There must be something wrong whether we disable the cookies or so on. For the next, we can recheck the address that we typed. It should be and we cannot get directed if we input it wrong.

  • Troubleshooting #2: Check the Receipt and TelltheBell Code

The next, we can check whether the details that we fill into the TelltheBell homepage are correct. If we find that there is nothing wrong, we can try to contact the Taco Bell customer care service.

How to Know the TelltheBell iPad $500 Winners?

TelltheBell is about $500 and iPad and we cannot wait for the announcement. Indeed, the Taco Bell team will contact us through our phone number. We must remember has inputting our personal information on the TelltheBell sweepstakes. We should pay attention that our contacts should be active. When the team calls us and we do not give any respond within 14 days or two weeks, we have to face the risks. Yes, the team may cancel the prizes and we will get nothing. That is the reason why we should make sure that we are available 24 hours as we can be the TelltheBell winners. We can check or to check the list of the winners.

How to Contact Taco Bell Customer Service Team?

We may have been giving up on solving the problems related to this TelltheBell survey or others related to Taco Bell restaurant we visited. We do not have to force our self as we can contact the Taco Bell representatives. There will be some ways that we can try such as:

Contact #1: Taco Bell Office Phone Numbers

  • At first, we can call the Taco Bell complaint numbers at 1 949 863 4500
  • If we live in the US, we can call Taco Bell representatives at 1 800 822 6235
  • We can also call 1 949 863 4000 to talk to the Taco Bell manager or staff

Contact #2: Taco Bell Fax Numbers

  • The first Taco Bell fax number that we can try is 1 949 863 2214
  • We can also send a Fax to the other number that is 949 863-2252

Contact #3: Taco Bell Postal Mailing Address

In case we cannot talk to the staff directly, we can send a letter to Taco Bell Headquarters. The detail of the address is at 1 Glen Bell Way, Irvine, California 92618, United States. We need to write a proper letter that is a bit formal, polite, and specific. For instance, we can give compliment first to the Taco Bell team. Then, we can open the topic of the problems complete with the details such as when it happens. We can also mention what kind of efforts that we have given to solve this problem. For the alternative way, we can send the letter to 17901 Von Karman, Irvine, California 92614, United States of America.

Contact #3: Taco Bell Official Websites

There are some Taco Bell official websites that we can try when we need a bit help from the Taco Bell employees. Here they are:

  • The Taco Bell restaurant official website is
  • If we want to know the private email of the executive team member, we can go to and follow the instructions
  • If we want to know more about the survey, we can go to
  • In case we need to read the Taco Bell FAQ, we can read it at
  • For the last, we can go to if we want to order some Taco Bell menus via delivery

Who are the Executive teams of Taco Bell Restaurants?

  • We can send it to Brian R Niccol, the Chief Executive Officer
  • Or maybe, we can send it to Chief Development Officer who is Meredith Sandland

So, that is all about TelltheBell survey that we can apply when we have a free time. We can go to and win the $500 or iPad. So, happy enjoying the best lunch and best luck for the TelltheBell rewards!

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