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TellWinnDixie Survey is the official customer satisfaction survey that will reward you Winn Dixie coupons and Winn Dixie $450 gift card. Here, you can access survey and you can enter TellWinnDixie sweepstakes page. Yes, you can win $450 Winn Dixie gift card if you complete all TellWinnDixie Survey steps. Enjoy!

Fellas! You all must know that shopping can be the best healing activities that you can try whenever you want. One of the best markets that will fulfill your need is Winn Dixie. As you can see, this successful company keeps offering gift cards and Winn Dixie discounts coupon for the customers. You can take TellWinnDixie Survey if you want to enter TellWinnDixie Sweepstakes to get a chance to grab Winn Dixie $450 Gift Cards. At this precious moment, you should not miss taking advantage of being Winn Dixie customers. Enjoy the survey!

About TellWinnDixie Survey

So, ladies and gentlemen! You get a high spirit in participating in Winn Dixie Survey. So that you know, TellWinnDixie is such an online guest experience feedback survey held by Winn Dixie Company for its customers. In general, the TellWinnDixie Survey goal is to review the satisfaction level among the customers during the visit. Through TellWinnDixie Survey, the customers they will be able to speak their mind of Winn Dixie products as well as the service.

TellWinnDixie Survey Sweepstakes for Winn Dixie $450 Gift Card Guide
TellWinnDixie Survey

You can start to take TellWinnDixie Guest Feedback Experience at About the process, you should have less worry as you can make it done within 10 minutes. Of course, it all will depend on how fast your internet connection and the way you are answering TellWinnDixie Survey questions. Once you have done with the survey, you can then enter TellWinnDixie Sweepstakes to get TellWinnDixie Validation Code. For the next, the page will let you join TellWinnDixie draw to win Winn Dixie $450 gift cards.

What to Prepare for TellWinnDixie Survey

You may never take any surveys before and therefore; you need to know the items you need to have the survey. They are such as:

  • Internet connection

This is the main part of taking an online survey that you need to own internet access that should be fast and stable.

  • Electronic device

The second thing you cannot miss is the electronic device that will help you much in entering the survey and completing it. Here, you can use your best laptop, computer, or even your mobile phone. You can choose whichever you want as long as it has an updated internet browser. You can run the Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and so on. It will be the best option if you get the latest version of your internet browser.

  • Capability of Understanding English or Spanish

Then, it is also important for you to master one of two languages available that are English and Spanish. In this case, you can ask your friend or family to help you just in case you do not master any provided languages. For the last option, you can go online and visit Google Translate to convert TellWinnDixie Survey page into the language you want. But, here, you will not get an online page as the translated one is not the same as the real page. If you’re going to fill in some data, you have to do it on the TellWinnDixie official page.

  • Recent Winn Dixie Receipt

The last but the most important one, you cannot enter TellWinnDixie Customer Satisfaction Survey unless you get the recent Winn Dixie. As it is 2019, you have to make sure that you get the 2019 receipt. It is because each receipt will have TellWinnDixie Survey Invitation Survey Code or you may call as TellWinnDixie Survey Entry Code. At, there will be TellWinnDixie Survey Login Portal that you can pass using TellWinnDixie Survey Code.

How to Participate in TellWinnDixie Survey Step by Step Guide?

After getting everything you will about to need for TellWinnDixie Survey Sweepstakes, you can start to follow the instruction on how to enter the survey. There will be some sequenced steps that you must follow, such as:

  • Step #1:

At first a, you need to visit TellWinnDixie Survey official site at In case it is your first time exploring the internet, you may start to open the internet browser on your device. Then, at the top, right at the address bar, you can type TellWinnDixie Survey link address. Type, and if it cannot direct you to TellWinnDixie Survey homepage, you can go to JavaScript setting or check the internet connection.

  • Step #2:

The second step, you can start to fill the blank with TellWinnDixie Invitation Survey 18 digits code. And of course, you can find this survey code printed on your recent Winn Dixie receipt. After entering Tell Winn Dixie Survey Code, you will be able to pass Tell WinnDixie Survey login portal. If in case you find it failed, you need to check whether the code is correct and still valid. Check the date, and you will find out whether the code is still valid or not.

  • Step #3:

After that, you will have to set the language. You can choose whether you want the survey to be in English or Spanish.

  • Step #4:

In case you want to go to a direct TellWinnDixie Spanish Survey, you will save your time by visitingñol. Here, you will automatically get directed to the survey in Spanish, and you do not have to deal with English anymore.

  • Step #5:

And once you reach the survey page, the very first TellWinnDixie Survey question that you have to answer is the Winn Dixie store you visited. In this case, you need to mention whether you visited Winn Dixie market recently or not. If the answer is yes, you can continue to the next step.

  • Step #6:

Now, it is the main part of the survey. At Tell Winn Dixie page, you will see some Tell Winn Dixie questions about your last visit. Not to mention, the page will ask your overall satisfaction during the visit. Here, they will mention the cleanliness of the area, the quality of Winn Dixie products, and even the employees. You need to be sure that you are honest in giving the answers as our opinion means a lot to the company. You do not need to worry about mentioning the products that are not fresh, the area that is not clean and so on. Winn Dixie team then will fix the problems for the sake of Winn Dixie customers.

  • Step #7:

After that, you will find an open Tell Winn Dixie question that you may skip or answer. There will be a limitation of the characters you type as the answer. Therefore, it will be best if you answer it briefly and honestly. You can either mention the specific topic or the time of the event during your Winn Dixie store visit.

  • Step #8:

Once you have done with Tell Winn Dixie Survey questions, you can continue to the next step. At the page, you will have to complete your personal information complete with the contact details. Not to mention, you will have to input your full name, your phone number, and so on. Here, it is a must for you to input the valid data as Tell Winn Dixie, the team will contact you once you are the TellWinnDixie Sweepstakes Winner.

  • Step #9:

For the next, you will see Tell Winn Dixie Sweepstakes page that offers you to download your instant $5 Winn-Dixie discount coupon or not. It will be best if you agree to the offer and you will get TellWinnDixie Validation Code.

  • Step #10:

Download Tell WinnDixie Discount Coupon Code, and you will be able to claim your $5 discount code. Your Winn Dixie $5 discount coupon will be available to use once you shop at least $40 at Winn Dixie store.

What are TellWinnDixie Survey Sweepstakes Rewards?

As you can see, Winn Dixie creates a survey program for all Winn Dixie customers. There are two types of TellWinnDixie rewards and prizes that you must know. They are:

  • TellWinnDixie Survey Sweepstakes Prizes #1:

The first prize will be in the form of Winn Dixie instant $5 discount coupon. You do not have to worry as all TellWinnDixie Survey participants will get this Winn Dixie $5 coupon. When you are about to claim the prize, you have to bring the code, and you need to shop $40 at the minimum at Winn Dixie store. Yes, you cannot redeem the discount coupon if you spend less than $40. And, each coupon is for one transaction that means you cannot use two coupons and accumulate it for the sake of $10 discount.

  • TellWinnDixie Survey Sweepstakes Prizes #2:

The next prize will be in the form of monthly Winn Dixie $450 Gift Card. It is the TellWinnDixie Sweepstakes prizes that not all participants can win. It is so as you will have to join to TellWinnDixie draw for $450. And, there will be some lucky Tell Winn Dixie Sweepstakes winners who will claim $450 gift cards. If you are lucky, you can use this Winn Dixie $450 voucher to shop at Winn Dixie store. Yes, it will be pleasing if you can shop at this market without having to spend a single coin.

It will be fantastic if you can win all Winn Dixie Digital Coupons, Winn Dixie 5 Off 30 Printable, as well as Winn Dixie 5 Off 40 prizes.

What are the TellWinnDixie Survey Sweepstakes Rules?

Okay! Let’s say that you are the TellWinnDixie Survey Sweepstakes participants. In this case, you need to know the TellWinnDixie Survey rules that cover the term and condition. Participating in the survey means that you agree to TellWinnDixie Survey policy. And, here are the TellWinnDixie Survey Rules to know, such as:

  • As you can see, Tell Winn Dixie Survey is for all Winn Dixie retail customers
  • Only those who are a legal US, Columbia, or Puerto Rico residents who can participate and win Tell Winn Dixie prizes
  • If you want to participate in TellWinnDixie Sweepstake, you have to be 21 or older when you access Survey
  • As it is the program for customers, Winn-Dixie employees get no chance of taking part in this Tell Winn-Dixie survey
  • The rule is also for Winn-Dixie employees’ relatives that they are not eligible in participating in TellWinnDixie Survey Sweepstakes program
  • In case you have got your Winn-Dixie $5 discount coupon, you have to redeem it at Winn Dixie store within four weeks or one month
  • You cannot use the TellWinnDixie Survey Code that is no longer valid and therefore, you need to pay attention to the due date of the voucher

About Winn Dixie Company Profile

Winn-Dixie Stores Incorporation is such an American market chain that sells various items. They are such as Winn Dixie grocery, seafood, and liquor, bakery, as well as dairy, and deli. Besides, you can also find some floral as well as frozen food. In case you need to buy merchandise, meat and also the pharmacy, you can visit Winn Dixie Stores as they also provide these items. For information, you can see Winn Dixie headquarter in Jacksonville, Florida, United States.

Believe it or not, Winn-Dixie is in the 24th place of the best 75 North America food retailers. In 2019, you can find more than 500 Winn Dixie stores spread in different locations. If you want to visit one of Winn Dixie stores, you can start searching for Winn Dixie Near Me at Google Map. Then, the page will show you an accurate list of Winn Dixie nearest stores locations around your place.

For the alternative way, you can use Winn Dixie Locator that is available at Winn Dixie official site. Visit, and you can input your zip code and the city, as well as the state. It will show the results of the nearest Winn Dixie supermarkets locations. In case you choose to use the map, you will be able to see Winn Dixie hours of operation. And if you use the official site, you can check Winn Dixie menus or products complete the prices.

How to Get More Winn Dixie Coupons and Winn Dixie Bonus Cards?

In case you are not satisfied with Winn Dixie Validation code, you can try other ways to get Winn Dixie Bonus Cards. First of all, you must be a Winn Dixie member, and you can get the Winn Dixie Customer Reward Card. Visit, and you will see the list of Winn Dixie hot promotions 2018 and Winn Dixie Free Coupons. The market then will also offer you to participate in Baby Club Program. This program will offer you to get Winn Dixie $10 Gift Card.

To keep you update with Winn Dixie promotions, you can start to download Winn Dixie application at Google Store or Application Store. No doubt, you can claim many Winn Dixie Free Coupons, Winn Dixie Weekly Advertisement, and other benefits.

How to Contact the Team Winn Dixie Customer Service?

If today you want to contact Winn Dixie representatives, you can do it through some ways. Here are Winn Dixie contact details that you can take a note, such as:

  • Winn Dixie Telephone

If you need to talk to Winn Dixie Client Service Center staff members directly, you can dial 866-946-6349. Winn Dixie office hours will be starting from Monday to Friday at 08:00 AM – 07:00 PM. And on Saturday, they will be available at 08:00 AM – 04:00 PM. If you need to ask some questions related to Winn Dixie Plenty Card, you may dial 1-855-753-6841. Winn Dixie helpdesk staffs will be available every day starting from 9 AM – 9 PM.

  • Winn Dixie Headquarter Postal Mailing Address

You can also give it a try to write a letter to Winn Dixie Corporate Office at PO BOX Jacksonville, Florida 32203 0297 United States.

  • Winn Dixie Feedback Form

For the next, you can also send your Winn Dixie complaints by filling out the Winn Dixie Feedback Form. Just like Winn Dixie Survey, there will be some questions to answer honestly. The steps will be easy that you need to access and click the menu entitled “Contact Us.” Then, you can fill your data and follow the instructions.

  • Winn Dixie Official Websites

You can visit Winn Dixie site at, and there will be precious information about the supermarket that you may need. They are such as Winn Dixie Stores Locations, Winn Dixie Products, Winn Dixie Promotions, and so on.

If you want to find specific information about Tell Winn Dixie Customers Experience Survey, you can visit There will be information about TellWinnDIxie Survey Sweepstakes Official Rules to understand, complete with Winn Dixie Sweepstakes announcement 2019.

Alright! It is the whole things about TelllWinnDIxie Shopping Experience Survey Sweepstakes Program that you may need to know. Enjoy your shopping and get the chance to win Winn Dixie $450 Gift Cards!

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