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TireRewardCenter is the official reward center program for all Michelin, BF Goodrich, and Uniroyal customers to claim their rewards. In this case, we can only get our rewards cards if we have a valid Michelin or Uniroyal, or BF Goodrich receipt. And, we can use that receipt to enter TireRewardCenter to claim our rewards at TireRewardCenter.com. Yes, it will be fun as we will get $70 rebate that we can use for the next visit. Enjoy accessing Michelin Reward Center at TireRewardCenter.com portal and enjoy claiming our rewards!

Dear luxurious cars lover! We must be familiar with every single thing about our car, including the tires. In this case, we must know what kind of best tire brands that we can use for our beloved cars. Yes, we can choose whether Uniroyal, Michelin, or maybe BFGoodrich. Today, those tires companies offer us TireRewardCenter that we can access at www.TireRewardCenter.com. At this website, we will get rich benefits that other tires brands will not offer. So, get ready to beautify our honey bunny awesome cars!

About Uniroyal Tires, BFGoodrich Tires, and Michelin Tires Company Profile

First thing first, before we go to TireRewardCenter, it will be nicer if we know more about these tires companies. Indeed, the three companies have their own jargon that can attract the customers. For Uniroyal Tires Company, the jargon is “for everything you value”. It is clear that the company wants to be the one who can fulfill the needs of our valuable cars. In another hand, we can see the Michelin Tires that have the jargon “a better way forward”. This tires company will serve the best quality products that will protect our cars. And the last company but still the best, it is BFGoodrich Tires that the jargon is “take control”. Yes, these tires brand also popular among cars lovers today.


BFGoodrich Tires brand will be the best for those who love traveling using gentle cars like jeeps. In this case, the design of the tires will help us to “take control” of some hard roads. Meanwhile, Uniroyal Tires brand will be the best if we use it for our luxurious cars like Mercedes Benz. The soft and elegant design will make our cars look even more beautiful. And the last, Michele Tires brand will be best to use for our family cars. We can use the cars to go anywhere and anytime as the tires are friendly.

About TireRewardCenter

At the first time, this article has mentioned TireRewardCenter as the offers coming from Uniroyal, BFGoodrich, as well as Michelin Tires Companies. TireRewardCenter is such an online portal that will help us to get our rewards. Yes, there will be three types of the rewards that we can choose one based on our recent purchase. First is Michelin rewards, second is BFGoodrich rewards, and the third is Uniroyal rewards. Yes, we can say that TireRewardCenter is such a redemption center of the customers of these tires brands. We can choose TireRewardCenter BFGoodrich, TireRewardCenter Uniroyal, as well as TireRewardCenter Michelin.

How to Redeem Rewards at TireRewardCenter.com?

The TireRewardCenter website will help us to access the Michelin Redemption Center, Uniroyal Redemption Center, as well as BFGoodrich Redemption Center with one click. At TireRewardCenter.com, we can check our redemption status. But, first of all, we will need to start TireRewardCenter sign up. If we have the account, we can take the TireRewardCenter login. We do not need to worry about the process as it is easy and will take less than fifteen minutes.

What Are the TireRewardCenter Grand Prizes?

Talking about Tire Rewards Center is not complete if we do not talk about the rewards or prizes themselves. Believe it or not, TireRewardCenter offers Michelin $70 rebate that we can use for the next purchase. All that we need to have to take this offer is by owning a recent Michelin, Uniroyal, or can be BF Goodrich receipts. Without a doubt, it will be such a great feeling if we are the TireRewardCenter winners. We can use it for the tires brand that we want the most.

For our information, the TireRewardCenter prizes are in a debit card form. We can say that it is a MasterCard Reward card with the balance of $70. Of course, we can use it to buy some merchants as long as it has the MasterCard logo. No, this card is not the same as the credit card. We cannot load the balance and if we finish spending the balance, it will be no longer useful.

What Are the TireRewardCenter Rules?

Before we redeem our rewards, first of all, we should know the TireRewardCenter basic rules. They are, such as:

  • First, we should be sure that we claim the rewards at com within 29 days after we get the receipt to get the TireRewardCenter $70 reward card
  • Second, the TireRewardsCenter announcement will be less than eight weeks and we will get a notification about this
  • The MasterCard debit card is for once use as we cannot reload the balance
  • We can use this TireRewardCenter reward card all over the world and if we want more information about this card, we can visit www.TireRewardCenter.com/rewardcard
  • The $70 reward card has an expired date and therefore, we need to keep checking it

How to Sign Up at TireRewardCenter.com?

The only way to redeem the rewards is by signing up to TireRewardCenter.com. Here, we have to follow the sequenced steps for the sake of $70 reward card. Here the steps are:

  • Step #1: Visit com

We have bought a Michelin product and we have got the receipt. Now, we can go online and visit www.TireRewardCenter.com within a month. Then, we can choose the first option that is Michelin tires redemption page. The same steps work for BFGoodrich receipt as well as Uniroyal receipts.

  • Step #2: Sign Up

Now, we can start to create a TireRewardCenter account. In this case, we can click the link with the title “New to This Site?” It will direct us to the TireRewardCenter registration form.

  • Step #3: Input Our Personal Information

At first, we will need to input some details about our personal information. For instance, we may input our complete name, active email address, as well as our recent postal mailing address. Also, it is necessary to input our city, our zip code, and so on. In case we want to save the TireRewardCenter email address, we can save contact@tirerewardcenter.com.

  • Step #4: Make A Password

Now, we can continue by setting a password for our TireRewardCenter account. In this case, it is necessary to have the unique one. For instance, we can combine the letter with caps lock letters, numbers, and sentence marks for the sake of security. But, as the password is crucial and sensitive, we need to save it in our note application.

  • Step #5: Choose The Promotion

After signing up, we will see some Michelin offers and promotions. Yes, we can feel free to choose the ones that we want. But, it is important to make sure whether the period is still open. The offers are such as Michelin Summer Promotion and Michelin Monroe August Promotion that will make our days. Or maybe, we can choose the South East Toyota June Promotion as it is interesting and awesome.

  • Step #6: Complete The Tires Information

Once we have done with that, we can continue filling in the details about the tires we use. Yes, we can call this step as TireRewardCenter survey. There will be some TireRewardCenter questions that we have to answer. For instance, it is the source of the promotions news. And also, we will have to answer on the reasons why we buy Michelin, Uniroyal, as well as BF Goodrich tires. This brief TireRewardCenter Customer Survey is important and we should not skip this step.

  • Step #7: Complete Our Car Information

It is the time to fill in the information about our cars. It can be about the year, model, as well as whether we use one of the three tires brands.

  • Step #8: Submit the TireRewardsCenter Registration Form

The last step, we need to click the button entitled ‘Submit”. We can check the box that offers us to get notifications for other promotions and so on via email.

How to Submit TireRewardCenter Redemption?

Different brands of the tires may lead us to different TireRewardCenter guides. But at the overall, they are just the same.

  • Michelin Tire Redemption Guide

For this brad, we need to submit our TireRewardCenter Michelin redemption within a month or 30 days. And, we will need to wait for six weeks to get the Michelin rewards.

  • BF Goodrich Tire Redemption Guide

For the next, BF Goodrich customers still have one month or 30 days to redeem the rewards. But for the TireRewardCenter BFGoodrich announcement, we will need to wait for less than six weeks.

  • Uniroyal Tire Redemption Guide

The same, within a month after we get the Uniroyal receipt, we can go to TireRewardCenter.com. It is best to go to the Uniroyal Tire Reward Fulfillment Center if we want to know our Uniroyal redemption status.

How to Sign In to www.TireRewardCenter.com?

If it has been four weeks we wait for the rewards, we may need to check the reward status. Simply, all we should do is to go to TireRewardCenter login portal. Then, we can login using our username and password that we set when we signed up. Here the steps are:

  • Step #1: Visit TireRewardCenter.com

As usual, we have to visit TireRewardCenter.com and choose the tire brands that we want to redeem the rewards. We can choose BF Goodrich Tires, or Michelin Tires, as well as Uniroyal Tires.

  • Step #2: Sign In

Then, we can input our email address that we registered for this Tire Reward Center account. We should also type our password that we set before. But, if we do not remember our password, we should not get panic. We can click the link entitled “Forgot our password”. If we have our password back, we can click the button entitled “login”.

  • Step #3: Input the Receipt Details

Now, we can input the receipt details to know the status of our rewards. It is also as the proof that we are the Michelin, or Uniroyal, as well as BF Goodrich customers.

  • Step #4: Input Our Personal Information

The last step, we can start to input our personal data. Once we have done with that, we can check the reward status. Somehow, the Tire Reward Center team will give us notifications via email and other contacts.

How to Contact Tire Reward Center Customer Service Team?

So, we need to contact the Michelin team or maybe Uniroyal representatives. Or maybe, we are in a hurry to contact BFGooodrich team. Indeed, we can contact those three companies at once. Here are some TireRewardCenter contact details that will help us much. They are:

  • Contact #1: TireRewardsCenter Email Address

The latest email address that we can try is contact@tirerewardcenter.com. But if we want to get another email address, we can go to www.TireRewardsCenter.com/contact-us. First of all, we will have to fill in the complaint form. For instance, we may input the category of the problems we face. Then, we can type down the questions that we want to ask. If we want to send an electric mail, we can use the formal format. Here, we need to write the specific questions or problems. Not to mention, it can be the date and time and so on.

  • Contact #2: TireRewardCenter Phone Numbers

If we prefer to have a verbal conversation with the representatives, we can call 1-866-212-9619 using our phone. At first, we may listen to a voice offering us some menus. We can follow the instructions and the call will direct us to the real person. But, before we start dialing the phone number, it is best to check the office hours. For our information, TireRewardsCenter office hours are between 8 AM and 8 PM. The office will be available starting from Monday to Friday.

  • Contact #3: Tire Rewards Center Postal Mailing Address

The last contact that we can try is the Michelin Postal Mailing address. Yes, we can write a letter and then send it to the Michelin Fulfillment Center address. We can write the address on the envelope with this format, such as PO BOX 289, Milan IL 61264, United States.

TireRewardsCenter has offered us some rewards and the main prizes are the $70 reward cards. We can start to visit the Michelin stores, Uniroyal stores, or maybe BF Goodrich stores. Buy an item and we will get a receipt that has TireRewardsCenter code. Tires are one of the most fundamental parts of our beloved cars. Get the best one for our valuable vehicle and keep traveling! Enjoy our days, fellas!

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